From the President...

Chaverim and Chaverot, Fellow Harvard Alumni,

It is great to be Harvard Alumni; we were fortunate to learn from first-class professors and study in top-notch facilities.  We made excellent contacts, acquired useful skills, and now possess powerful degrees that come with many privileges. It is also nice to continue the Harvard experience after graduation, away from Cambridge and back in Israel; to attend fun and entertaining Harvard Club of Israel (HCI) events, to meet and learn from visiting faculty, to be able to dialogue with leading decision makers, and more.

But what is it that we, Harvard alumni, can contribute to our Israel? What can we give back to a  country where everywhere you look, you face a challenge waiting to be addressed by skillful, bright and passionate people? How can we help more young Israelis to aspire, to believe that it's possible to apply and get accepted into Harvard and other elite universities, thus enhancing the human capital of Israel?  

What is it that we, Harvard alumni, can uniquely do for our country?

Answering this important question is what I believe to be the most important mission of the  Harvard Club of Israel.

I invite you to join HCI, to enjoy its activities and take advantage of its opportunities, and to use
it as a platform to do good for yourself, your community and your country.


Sagi Melamed, GSAS '96